5 ways an enterprise document management system helps drive better healthcare

Benefits of Enterprise Document Management

Healthcare organizations want to provide improved care, the best possible patient experience, and more for the healthcare dollar. Want to take all 3 to the next level?

An enterprise-wide document management system is more than an electronic filing cabinet: it’s key to storing, managing, tracking, and leveraging your data. And today’s systems can integrate structured and unstructured content, from both the front and back offices, inside and outside of the hospital.

Here are just 5 of the many benefits of an effective enterprise document management system:

  1. Simplified record keeping. These days, paper is being converted to electronic files, and an enterprise document management system—especially one with an advanced search capability—helps with retrieving these documents easily. Imagine the benefits when it comes to regulatory compliance and enhanced auditing. Drive value from stored content on the clinical side by enabling a centralized patient record, and in the back office use it to streamline business operations.
  2. Efficiency. An enterprise document management system can help automate routine tasks based on your business rules, and can streamline manual, paper-based processes. Use it in certain areas of the organization, for instance, to facilitate an easier and more accurate way to capture electronic faxed orders so they’re ready in the patient chart upon admission. Technology that would grab the incoming documents from the fax or server, use optical character recognition to process them to determine what data to index and share, and then upload the documents into the system for processing or attach to the patient record for further action. Intelligent data capture features can help drive an automated capture process. An enterprise search capability can turn structured and unstructured content into valuable information.
  3. Ease of use and collaboration. An enterprise document management system provides a convenient central repository that feeds into the electronic medical record (EMR). Use it to integrate, share, and route data quickly across departments and applications to help increase productivity. Scan charts and other documents at the point of care and automate document routing through coding and billing. Share medical records with outside providers. Enjoy not having to log into different systems, as this system integrates with EMRs, enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs), and most legacy systems.
  4. Enhanced security. Control who has access to your protected content. Content and administrative access can be restricted by location, visit type, or even down to the document level. This is helpful when it comes to sensitive information. A hosted cloud environment also can speed up recovery after natural disasters.
  5. Reduced costs. Enjoy reduced costs due to freeing up valuable IT resources.  Reallocate staff from manual indexing or search tasks. Look for a hosted solution to help drive IT cost containment initiatives and to reduce storage needs.

Quanum™ Enterprise Content Solutions has a new product release available that incorporates all these benefits, and others, in an enterprise document management system you can use to meet your care improvement and cost-efficiency goals. To learn more or to see a demonstration, send us an email or call 1.888.491.7900.

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