Quest Diagnostics: The Difference, Part 1

As you are probably discovering, making the transition to an electronic health record can seem overwhelming at times. That’s why we designed our Quanum EHR (formerly Care360) solution to be user-friendly, secure, fully mobile, and easy to implement quickly. Here are some of the features that make QuestQuanum such a great technology platform:

The modular approach

Quanum technology is divided into sections or modules, so learning each aspect of the system is easy. The base module, Quanum eLabs, introduces providers to electronically sending messages and assigning tasks, ordering lab tests and reviewing results.

You can add the next module whenever you are ready. The modules are similar in design, which lowers the learning curve and allows providers to quickly get up to speed. For physicians already using the lab ordering and ePrescribing modules, the transition to a complete EHR is incremental and straightforward.

Easy accessibility

Because Quanum EHR is web-based, any place that you have access to the Internet, you have access to the system. Providers can instantly access lab results, order medications and create patient notes on their computer or iPad. The app for iPhone and mobile site for  and Android smartphone users allow providers on-the-go access to lab results, medication history, patient problems —essentially the entire chart. With Quanum EHR, healthcare providers are fully mobile and can provide high-quality care regardless of location.

Sharing of information

Studies show that when patients transfer from one caregiver to another, medical information is often lost. This is worrisome for doctors and patients alike, but wasted time and information loss can also lead to financial burden in the form of repeat testing and duplicate prescriptions. With Quanum EHR, providers can skip the chart pulls and exchange information immediately with other physicians in the network or with any physician via electronically generated fax. Quest Diagnostics has more than 450,000 physicians connected electronically through a nationwide network, representing more than 150,000 offices.

When making a referral, network providers can choose the information they want to send from a list of menu items. If a copy is faxed to a non-network provider, this technology automatically generates a note in the EHR so there is a record of the referral.


Hospital Integration

Beginning in 2012, hospitals may not be reimbursed if a patient is readmitted within 30 days for the same diagnosis. These readmission penalties were developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as a way to control the $20 billion spent per year on readmission costs.

Medical centers recognize the need to integrate hospital EHR systems with primary care physicians and specialists so they receive reimbursement. Quanum EHR offers physicians instant access to patient history and reports, helping them provide better patient care and reduce the chance of costly readmissions.

With its easy accessibility, physicians can even enter information into Quanum EHR while they are at the hospital. This provides greater efficiency for a physician’s office because staff members don’t have to spend time tracking down discharge summaries and other records from a hospitalization.

Rapid Deployment

Implementing Quanum EHR is a very quick process, with little or no down time if an incremental approach is used. Providers can bring a system live within 30 days or less, depending on how comfortable staff members are with using Internet or cloud-based software.

Our team provides support in the office, and providers can also access our online training and support, offering additional flexibility. Because it is web-based, providers don’t need to purchase special hardware or software. Most PCs with an Internet connection can get you started.

Even though this post was filled with features, this was only part of what’s offered by Quanum software. Stay tuned for Quest Diagostics: The Difference Part 2 to discover the other ways in which our EHR system separates itself from the pack.

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