Quanum Healthcare IT awards

With all of the healthcare blogs out there, it can be difficult to sort through them and find the best of the best. We’ve scoured the Internet and are proud to present our favorite blogs, which we have named as winners of the Quanum Healthcare IT Awards:

Best Healthcare Tech Blog Award: MedGadget

Medgadget BlogMedgadget is an independent blog written, edited and published by a group of physicians and biomedical engineers. It’s an industry leader in educating the public about technology innovations, helping them make informed health decisions. The blog’s commentary on recent news and trends within the healthcare industry is interesting, comprehensive and easy-to-read. We are extremely pleased to present Medgadget the Best Healthcare Tech Blog award.

Best Overall Healthcare IT Blog: HIT ConsultantHIT Consultant Blog

HIT Consultant is a social community dedicated exclusively to healthcare IT professionals. Its sole mission is to empower readers with the foresight to successfully navigate the dynamic landscape of the healthcare IT industry. We appreciate the blog’s efforts to educate the general public on how technology is improving the way physicians administer care. We are extremely pleased to present HIT Consultant the Best Overall Healthcare IT Blog award.

Best Healthcare Commentary Blog: HIStalkHIStalk Blog

The anonymous writer behind HIStalk started the blog in 2003 simply as a way to collect his thoughts about what was going on in the healthcare IT industry. Readership slowly grew and helped his blog to blossom into what it is today. We enjoy his commentary on healthcare technology, news and trends, as well as his personalized coverage of recent innovations within the industry. We are extremely pleased to present HIStalk the Best Healthcare Commentary Blog award.

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