Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions: An IT Solution for hospitals and health systems

ChartMaxx Document Management and ImagingIn addition to Quanum Practice Solutions (EHR/PM/RCM), Quest Diagnostics offers Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions (formerly ChartMaxx), a Document Management and Imaging (DMI) solution created specifically for hospitals and medical systems. Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions has been named the ‘Best in KLAS’ DMI solution* 10 times and enables healthcare organizations to easily collect, organize and use clinical, financial and administrative information. The result is improved patient care, streamlined processes, a significant reduction in paper and technology solutions that fit the needs of your organization.

A solution for Health Information Management (HIM) professionals

For HIM professionals, Enterprise Content Solutions offers tools that help them meet compliance regulations and audits while managing records electronically and ensuring that patient charts are completed faster. The result is 24/7 information access that leads to immediate performance improvements and notable productivity gains.

Enterprise Content Solutions’ concurrent chart access allows clinicians, coders and analysts to view and work on any medical record, at any time, resulting in a significant decrease in chart completion days. It also helps streamline operations and can eliminate the need for carts, shelves, off-site storage and microfiche. Furthermore, the system makes required reporting for HIPAA, Joint Commission, SSA and others as simple as a few clicks of your mouse.

A solution for hospital-based physicians and clinicians

Physicians and other clinicians can make Enterprise Content Solutions a simple extension of their workflow, while gaining the ability to focus more on patient care and less on paperwork. Everything physicians need is in one place. That includes progress notes, orders, transcriptions, lab results, photographs, voice files and access to PACS and other systems.

Enterprise Content Solutions includes web access for physicians and clinicians, providing access to charts, as well as full editing capabilities and digitally-encrypted signing at any time. This also means point-of-care forms can be completed online and in real-time, all while healthcare providers view the patient’s longitudinal record.

For registration and Patient Financial Services (PFS)

Enterprise Content Solutions makes the registration process easier for patients, employees and management. With this system, knowing exactly what information and documentation is required is simple and straightforward. Plus, patients can electronically sign documents, eliminating the need to carry paper.

The system provides a real-time view of non-compliant registrations, allowing you to quickly correct mistakes, often while the patient is still in-house. The solution also helps you reduce insurance denials by efficiently collecting required clinical documentation, and offers several options for providing information to payers.  Additionally, the Patient Financial Services (PFS) workflow automatically directs tasks to appropriate teams, and built-in monitors allow management to easily oversee the entire process.

Enterprise-wide, Enterprise Content Solutions provides tools for compliance, purchasing, human resources and accounts payable, making your return on investment significant and far-reaching.

To learn more about all of the features, visit QuanumECS.com.

*Healthcare professionals have rated Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions, the enterprise-wide electronic patient record, as the top healthcare Document Management and Imaging (DMI) software product, according to the 2018 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services report. This is an independent ranking based on customer feedback on top healthcare information technology (HIT) vendors. ©2018 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved. For more information, visit www.KLASresearch.com.

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