7 reasons why service & support matter with an ECM system vendor

When you’re selecting a vendor for your enterprise content management (ECM) system, it’s crucial to evaluate the level of service and support you’ll get not only during the sale, but after implementation.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. A vendor that has the in-house development tools that allow them to rapidly and effectively develop and deploy customer interfaces
  2. A team well-versed in current technologies that can deliver an appropriate end product for your technology needs
  3. A group that can easily implement your company’s idea to make your processes easier
  4. A vendor that has service, support, and implementation teams that work hand-in-hand
  5. A vendor with creative problem solving
  6. A group that acts as your knowledge base, answering any and all questions you have
  7. A team so dedicated it has built years of strong one-on-one customer relationships

Need a strong team to support your ECM system? To learn more about what makes the service and support team representing Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions unique, watch our video, “Service and support: A team approach.”

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