ePrescribing 101

Did you know that each year there are 1.5 million preventable medication-caused errors in the United States? That’s according to the Institute of Medicine. Most of these prescription drug errors can be avoided by using an ePrescribing solution.

So what is ePrescribing?

ePrescribing, also frequently referred to as eRx or electronic prescribing, uses an electronic  system to write and  transmit prescriptions to the pharmacy.  It offers a number of advantages to both physicians and patients that are not available when writing prescriptions on paper.


Benefits of ePrescribing

Using an ePrescribing solution, you can:

  • Reduce medication mistakes by avoiding transcription errors and errors due to illegible handwriting.
  • Improve patient safety because the Care360 system gives you instant access to their medication history, and automatically alerts you to potential drug allergies or drug interactions before the order is transmitted.
  • Improve workflow efficiency by reducing paperwork and saving time spent charting, ordering and renewing prescriptions.
  • Reduce costs by promoting generic drug use and formulary compliance, saving money for patients and healthcare plans.

ePrescribing Screenshot 2What are the financial benefits of ePrescribing for you?

Providers who demonstrate meaningful use of EHR certified technology may be eligible to receive incentive payments from Medicare or Medicaid. As part of its Stage 1 meaningful use criteria, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has established 15 required and 10 menu set objectives.  Seven of those objectives require ePrescribing.  Providers who satisfy the requirements for meaningful use may qualify to receive up to $44,000 from CMS over five years.

In addition, the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) of 2008 established a separate incentive program called Medicare eRx. In addition to offering financial incentives for physicians who ePrescribe, MIPPA established payment penalties for those who don’t. Eligible providers who did not ePrescribe in 2011 may be subject to a Medicare ePrescribing reimbursement adjustment of 1% for 2012 and 1.5% in 2013. That can add up to a significant loss.

Quest Diagnostics meets the requirements for EHR certified technology through the CMS incentive program and also meets the criteria for ePrescribing under MIPPA. Quanum EHR customers enjoy complimentary access to ePrescribing and customers using Quanum eLabs can add it on for a low monthly price. For more information, call 1.888.491.7900.


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  1. I am having a problem with a pharmacy accepting e-scribed vicodin and ativan. Where do I find the regulations for this? They also don’t recognize our e-scribe transaction as electronic…I don’t know what they think it is, but it is a problem. Thanks.

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