Essential features of Quanum EHR

Our innovative electronic health record, offers the features your practice should be looking for in an EHR , including ePrescribing, messaging and tasking, electronic lab ordering and results, and flexible patient encounter documentation.

Plus, if you are looking for a solution to help you qualify for EHR incentive funding from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Quanum EHR is an ONC-ATCB certified solution, meeting the requirements of the CMS Incentive Program for the adoption of an EHR. The solution also provides outstanding tracking and record-keeping capabilities to help you report the documentation that CMS incentive programs require.

Here are some of the most useful features of the QuestQuanum platform:

Messaging and tasking
The first thing most offices get excited about is the messaging and tasking that can be done within Quanum EHR.  This is available to all users, whether you are using the full EHR or just eLabs.  It offers a way to send email type messages to staff and doctors in your office or even outside of the office, in a secure, HIPAA compliant, manner. If the message is about a patient, the chart can be attached to the message making it faster for the recipient to look at the information and respond.  Similar to the messaging feature is the ability to send tasks to others within your office.  For example, the doctor can send a task to the receptionist to schedule an appointment in 2 weeks with a patient.  Tracking allows you to see when a task is complete.

ePrescribing is one of the most popular features for physicians, especially those working toward meeting CMS Meaningful Use (MU) EHR requirements. ePrescribing allows you to make prescription requests, review medication history and complete refill authorizations easily and conveniently on the Quanum EHR platform.  Providers have the option of using  ePrescribing alone, to help them qualify for the ePrescribing incentives and avoid the penalties.

Electronic lab result delivery
You can order lab work electronically and receive electronic lab results on your smartphone or iPad®. Electronic lab results require less time for delivery and allow you to react to lab results more quickly.  Results can be graphed over time allowing you to spot trends and show patients the positive outcomes of their compliance with your treatment.

Patient encounter documentation
Quanum EHR provides multiple ways to document a patient visit and everyone in your office is able to write to a single visit making it easy to coordinate care.  Your medical assistant can take a patient’s vital signs. Then the physician can assess and diagnose the patient using a customizable SOAP note template.  A phlebotomist can add the blood tests drawn.  Finally, the charges can be passed to the biller.  Visits can be documented using check boxes, free form text boxes, even using a dictation software solution like Dragon Naturally Speaking™.

Learn more about advanced reporting options, along with clinical decision support, document scanning and uploading, and flexible billing solutions from Quest Diagnostics.


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