Evaluating your document management system? You’ll want these 5 features

Document Management System

For most healthcare organizations, success comes with a document management system (DMS) that doesn’t just store data, but leverages it for the greater good. Going one step further, an enterprise content management solution can be used strategically to access data to meet organizational goals, such as improved care, enhanced patient experiences, and reduced costs.

With the right solution and the right functionality, finding information can take just seconds, instead of minutes. If it’s been a while since you last upgraded your document management system, consider these newer features that can enhance your user experience:

  • Deep search. This integrated search utility enables the discovery of structured and unstructured content. Data enrichment, support for multiple data formats, native views of files, and related files, conceptual search, and personalization and knowledge management are all features that your organization can quickly benefit from.
  • Intelligent data capture (IDC). This uses Optical Character Recognition for automated indexing and routing, enabling organizations to achieve HIMSS Stage 7 and reduce the time and staff dedicated to quality review. Whether paper, an electronic fax, or other format, IDC quickly and accurately captures the content for immediate access.
  • Hosted solution. A hosted solution can benefit customers looking to reduce their onsite IT footprint, staff, and costs.
  • User-friendly platform. Look for technology that enables a quick upgrade process and improved support to deliver a superior user experience.
  • Web applications. Look for a DMS that has certain features that are web-enabled (compatible with Chrome, IE 11, and Firefox), offering the organization added mobility to support users.

Quanum™ Enterprise Content Solutions has a new product release available that incorporates all of these features. To learn more or to see a demonstration, send us an email or call 1.888.491.7900.


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