Florida Ob/Gyn reduces denials with Quanum RCM

Quanum RCM - Reduce denials medical billing

Joseph F. Lang, MD and Lisa Lang, RN

Kristen Dwyer is the office manager for Island Ob/Gyn in Marco Island, Florida. The practice has been in business for 15 years, and Dwyer has worked with Dr. Joseph Lang for 2 years. There are 4 employees who together see 25 patients per day, with 30-40% of those being Medicare recipients.

In 2013 the practice was ready to convert its paper charts to electronic health records (EHR) to participate in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) EHR incentive program. This program—a predecessor to the new CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP)—encourages eligible professionals to implement and demonstrate Meaningful Use (MU) of certified EHR technology to receive incentives.

Quanum EHR medical billingSolution
Dr. Lang’s office was already using Quanum eLabs from Quest Diagnostics, so moving to Quanum EHR seemed like a natural upgrade, since the system would automatically transfer information for patients who had already done lab work with Quest into the EHR. This is a time saver, as the practice would not have to create new files for all of those patients.

Later, the practice started using Quanum Practice Management (PM) for its scheduling. And in 2017, the practice began using Quanum Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) to help it reduce denials and get paid faster.

Island OB/GYNOutcome
Dwyer said that the transition from paper files to the EHR went well.

“As you would expect, it took time for our staff to get used to it,” she said. “But because the EHR is laid out so well, it is intuitive to use. Training was very helpful and the technical support has been great.”

While the electronic solution did help the practice with its goal for reporting for MU, Dwyer says that she appreciates the central location for all patient information because office workflow is now much smoother.

“The biggest benefit we’ve seen from using the Quanum technology is the organization that it brings to our practice,” said Dwyer. “With the four of us being very hands-on, sometimes things were getting misplaced. Now, everything we need is in one location. We don’t scramble to find information anymore.”

With the EHR, the practice enjoys the patient information and test results being readily available. The PM is being used to manage schedules and remind patients of their appointments.

“We were using a different system prior to Quanum, and it wasn’t fully linked to our calendar, so everything was manual and that took time—patient reminders didn’t always get done when they needed to. With the Quanum PM it’s much easier to send out reminders. And with these reminders, more patients are keeping their appointments.”

When it comes to RCM, Dr. Lang’s office is seeing quicker turnaround with payments than they were when they were doing the billing themselves. The RCM service handles everything from billing claims to denial management and is linked to the EHR and PM solutions for comprehensive reporting.

“We are getting things right on the front end the first time,” said Dwyer. “We don’t have as many denials and we don’t have to resubmit as many claims. Since we began using Quanum RCM our payers are more responsive and we are seeing more payments coming through.”

The staff at Island Ob/Gyn has also appreciated the technical support.

“The Quest team has been very knowledgeable and attentive to us when it comes to any questions we have,” said Dwyer. “Because we are not naturally tech savvy, we can appreciate that kind of support. It has been great.”

For more information about Quanum Practice Solutions, call 1.888.491.7900.

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