Get your denials under control

Improve your bottom line by reducing claim denials

Mark Anderson WebinarAs the percentage of rejected and denied claims increases, more physicians are electing to improve their denial management process.  Recent studies have shown that more than 80% of denials can be eliminated with better up-front procedures and advanced EHR clinical alerts based on specific health plan requirements. In fact, physicians have increased their take-home pay by as much as 15% just by implementing a comprehensive denial management program*.

Denial management has been shown to cut back-office expenses by up to 18%, primarily by implementing processes that help eliminate denials before they occur.  Let’s face it, if you can eliminate 80% of the reasons for denials, you can easily cut costs and improve collections. How well is your practice handling denials?   Do you know how many denials you have and what it is costing you to handle them? Do you have the technology in place to help eliminate denials?

Please join us as Mark Anderson, CEO of AC Group and Healthcare IT futurist, shares his experience and insight into the shifting healthcare landscape. Mark will break down the complexities of denial management and provide useful steps to reduce the risk of denials.

This 1-hour educational presentation will provide answers to these most pressing questions:

  1. What is denial management and how does it affect my practice?
  2. What is the difference between a rejection and denied claim?
  3. What are the most common reasons for denials?
  4. What are common denial management policies and procedures?
  5. How does an enhanced denial management program help reduce denials?
  6. What steps should I take to reduce the cost of denials?

View the recording of the event, sponsored by Quest Diagnostics, to find out the answers to these questions and more.

* – Source:  AC Group study of 85 Practices with a minimum revenue of $100,000 per month

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