How Quest Diagnostics strives to meet customer needs

One of the main goals for the Quanum suite of technology solutions is empowering physicians by enabling them to gather, link and process essential data to deliver quality care to patients. We built our Quanum solutions platform with the needs of physicians in mind in order to provide them with easy access to the staples of everyday medicine: lab results, medication history, complete patient histories, referral services and the latest clinical guidelines. We’ve made sure our products are interoperable with multiple systems, providing physicians with seamless integration to the data they need.

Because our foundation is built on meeting the needs of physicians, we’re always looking for ways to improve not only our relationships with customers, but also their experience with Quest. That is why we constantly strive to update QuestQuanum products, and work directly with physicians to ensure they are utilizing the network in the best way possible. There is even a way to send product feedback from within the solution itself. We take customer feedback very seriously and do our best to implement changes to proactively anticipate customers’ needs, and also address the feedback they provide.

One important factor for physicians using an electronic health record (EHR) system is product response time. Consistent with the goal of serving physicians in the best way possible, our EHR underwent a large infrastructure refresh and upgrade in the spring of 2012, with the ultimate goal of improving speed and reliability. These major improvements have ensured that we are on the cutting edge of technology, and have dramatically improved the responsiveness of the solution.

Another update we’ve made recently is to our iPad® app. The app is not only eye-catching, but offers one of the most refined EHR user experiences in the industry.  The app is ideal for our customers who are on call, out of the office or just on the go, and also allows physicians to easily access patient records anywhere, anytime. Additionally, the app is also HIPAA compliant.

As addressed in a recent blog, our Support Team engages with customers by looking for trends in usage. For example, if a customer consistently has trouble opening documents, the Support Team approaches them with a solution. Or if we offer a new premium service or other enhancement that a specific customer could benefit from, the team proactively connects with that customer to share additional information.

As recently stated in a blog post, “no solution will find sustained success if it isn’t developed in close partnership with the end-user, and our interface is indeed developed and advanced with meaningful input from physicians.” Be sure to let us know how we’re doing and if there are any updates you’d like to see by contacting us here.


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