How Quest Diagnostics support is here for you

Interview with Georgene Deters, Director of Enrollment and Support

The Quest Diagnostics support staff is dedicated to providing customers with the assistance they need to maximize the use of their electronic health records (EHRs); thereby, enabling them to do their job as effectively and efficiently as possible.

We conducted an interview with Georgene Deters, Director of Enrollment and Support, to learn more about how our support staff can serve as a resource for you.

Question: How does the Quest Diagnostics support team engage with customers?

Georgene Deters (GD): We engage with customers both proactively and reactively. In addition to addressing requests/inquiries from customers in a timely manner, we are also on the lookout for trends in specific customers’ usage. For example, if we notice a customer making frequent calls to support, we’ll approach them with a solution and action plan to address any required refresher training or connectivity review. If we have a new premium service or additional eLearning opportunity we feel could benefit them, we’ll connect with those customers to share additional information. Our team also identifies customers who are in need of additional outreach/training, and we’ll work closely with them to make sure they feel fluent with our solutions, and that their needs are met.

Question: How available is the team to answer questions?

GD: Our support staff is available 24/7 to help with product issues and questions. Should an emergency arise, a Quest support staff analyst is always available.

Question: Will customers work with a different support analyst each time they ask for help, or is there some consistency in who handles customers’ needs?

GD: Our analysts are interested in developing long-term relationships with customers. Not only will an analyst provide customers with additional engagement opportunities, but if a customer happens to reach out with an issue, one analyst will also become the customer’s go-to contact and will be responsible for taking care of all of that customer’s needs. The customer may then request that particular analyst the next time they need assistance.

Question: What is the best part of your job?

GD:  The best part of my job is setting customers up for success with our solutions. The satisfaction of our customers is of the utmost importance to us, and we enjoy helping them to become more comfortable with and engaged in the Quanum suite of services. We’ve received positive feedback from customers whom we’ve assisted in the past. We look forward to continuing to be of assistance and support to all our customers.


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