How does your practice’s billing compare?

medical practice billingWhen it comes to the financial health of your practice, nothing has a greater impact than the people and processes behind your billing. Whether you manage your billing in-house, or outsource to a trusted partner, it is critical to keep your finger on the pulse to ensure that you are collecting every last dime.

According to a 2017 Black Book Revenue Cycle Management survey, 83% of physician practices under 5 practitioners said the slow payment of high-deductible plan patients are their top collection challenge, followed by the difficulties that practice staff have at communicating patient payment accountability (81%).

What are the challenges your practice faces? We invite you to ensure you’re not leaving money on the table by checking the financial health of your practice with this easy online calculator. In just a couple of steps, you will quickly discover how your billing compares to best practices.

For information on Quanum Revenue Cycle Management, a tool that can help ensure accurate and timely billing and improve reimbursement rates, call us at 1.888.491.7900.

Medical Practice Billing – Quanum RCM

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