Integrated Practice Management

In addition to electronic health records (EHR), Quest Diagnostics offers an integrated Practice Management (PM) solution.  Even though it was introduced in the summer of 2011, many people aren’t aware that we have a PM module. It allows you to streamline your patient scheduling and medical billing by giving your staff access to information shared between the PM and EHR modules, which includes patient demographics, insurance information, appointment schedules and more.

Getting started with the Quanum Practice Management module doesn’t take long thanks to flexible online training options. Your practice can start using our solution to send claims within weeks, and the system is easy to set up because it doesn’t require software installation or expensive hardware.

Care360 Practice Management Dashboard

Some of the most popular features include the dashboard, customizable reporting and automatic insurance eligibility verification. These features are available in addition to the standard practice management, billing and scheduling features you would expect from any solution.

The dashboard provides you with an overall view of how your practice is performing, providing shortcuts to unfinished tasks and performance indicators. By keeping track of these important metrics in one place, you’ll be able to track productivity from one convenient screen. Customizable reports keep you up-to-speed on activities in your practice. This section helps your staff stay on top of payment statuses and reports on procedures that haven’t gone through billing.

Automatic insurance eligibility checks allow you to verify a patient’s insurance coverage at the time of registration or appointment scheduling, which helps office staff correctly determine collection amounts and prevent billing errors. This automatic verification system helps your practice avoid the problem of uncollectible revenue by providing real-time eligibility information from insurance companies.

Scheduling AppointmentsScheduling appointments through Quanum practice management lets physicians make the most of their time while improving patient satisfaction. You’ll have the option to customize your scheduler and create scheduling rules that make putting together future schedules faster and easier. Email reminders help your office increase revenue by reminding patients to show up for appointments; and daily, weekly and monthly calendar views help physicians avoid overcrowding their schedules.

Web-based medical billing offers options to help improve office productivity by automating and streamlining your billing and collections process. Insurance claims can be submitted electronically or by paper. No third-party medical clearinghouse is required because Quest Diagnostics provides the services you need. Other features include payment posting and collections management, and automatic posting and tracking of billing rejections and denials.

Check out the Practice Management page of our website for more information and to view a video demo of Quanum PM.  Visit

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