Leveraging Healthcare IT to foster patient loyalty

No matter what industry you are in, having loyal customers is critical to your success. This is especially true in healthcare where having loyal patients will help your practice flourish, both by providing a steady flow of repeat visits and through the referrals they provide to their friends and family.

When you look at your patient load each day, you will find people are there for a variety of reasons:

  • They may have a chronic medical issue that requires monitoring
  • It may be time for their annual exam or wellness visit
  • They may be there due to an injury
  • Or they are not feeling well and need medical attention and advice

patient loyaltyWhile the reason for their visit may vary, many of your patients share the same concern. They have to navigate a healthcare system that has become quite complex with ever-changing healthcare insurance coverage (if they are lucky enough to have coverage), rising deductibles, and a myriad of choices when determining the right course of care for their particular situation.

There are several things you already do to help alleviate the stress a patient feels, and to turn a new patient into a returning, loyal patient.

  • You take the time to listen to their issues and recommend treatment options
  • You show them you are a healthcare provider who is accessible, responsive and reliable, and willing to collaborate with them to work toward a healthy outcome
  • You provide quality healthcare at an affordable price

In the last five years, healthcare technology has rapidly evolved. As a result, there are now many tools available to make it easier for you to work with your patients and build patient loyalty.

One way to promote and foster patient/physician collaboration is through a patient portal – an online web-based tool that supports secure messaging regarding treatment plans, follow-up dialogue, test results, medications and more. A tool that is as easy for the patient to use, as it is for the provider.

myquest patient portalWhile there are a number of patient portals available, providers using Quanum EHR rely on the MyQuest™ Patient Portal. The MyQuest Patient Portal fosters patient loyalty by enabling patients to communicate and collaborate with their physician. In addition, MyQuest can also be used by patients to manage their healthcare on their own with tools like medication reminders and immunization tracking.

Another important way to build patient loyalty is by delivering healthcare at an affordable price. With the rising cost of care and prescription medications, coupled with dwindling healthcare insurance benefits and rising deductibles, every little bit of savings can help a patient. If a provider can help a patient spend less on their medication, this will help patients stay on their regimen increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.

There are now electronic prescription management tools available that enable an automated approach to electronic transfer of drug saving coupons to pharmacies, and offer the ability to receive and print drug saving coupons to hand to your patients. While not all EHRs support this functionality, consider an EHR solution that does offer it to improve your patient’s satisfaction.

Quest Diagnostics integrated eCoupon service offers this automated approach for the patient and provider to help manage patient savings. When a manufacturer has a coupon available for a name brand medication, the savings is automatically displayed with the prescribed medication in ePrescribing – a savings immediately available to the patient when they pick up their prescription. eCoupon is another way to help providers drive and build patient affinity and loyalty by helping patients better afford their prescription medications, increasing the likelihood they will continue their prescribed treatment plan. Learn more about how Quanum and OptimizeRx have come together to deliver this solution.

Improved patient/provider collaboration and patient savings are just two of the many ways you can build patient loyalty. Create a solid foundation of loyal patients by focusing not only on continuous improvements within your practice, but also by implementing patient-centric technology solutions that will deliver value and improved efficiencies for your patients.

To learn more about Quest Diagnostics technology solutions, visit Quanum.com, or call 888-835-3409.

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