Managing a tsunami of digital healthcare data

Digital Healthcare Data Webinar

The amount of digital healthcare data coming into organizations is growing at an exponential rate, according to a recent survey of healthcare professionals, sponsored by Quest Diagnostics. Many healthcare organizations are left trying to manage what often amounts to a growing tsunami of information – struggling to get a handle on it.

There is a way to leverage these digital healthcare data efficiently to help meet organizational goals, such as improved care, enhanced patient experiences, and reduced costs.  An enterprise document management system can help health systems to go beyond simply storing data and make it possible to truly realize the potential that is inherent in these data.

Watch our webinar, “Considering an enterprise document management system? Why now is time to buy,” as Colby Dix and Laura Hall of Quest Diagnostics discuss:

  • Why your organization should consider an enterprise document management system
  • What to look for in such a system
  • A technical overview of the new release of Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions, including the deep search and advanced capture feature

This webinar is brought to you by Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions, comprehensive enterprise document and data management backed by Quest Diagnostics. We empower healthcare organizations to leverage the breadth of information needed to help support and improve patient care, drive operational efficiencies, and lower costs.

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