MyQuest: A different kind of patient portal

When Quest Diagnostics set out to develop its patient portal, they wanted to create something different. Not only does Quest Diagnostics provide healthcare solutions to providers, Quest Diagnostics is also a provider of healthcare services to patients, touching 30 percent of American adults each year. The patient portal needed to appeal to both physicians and patients.

Quest Diagnostics took a different approach. Quest Diagnostics rolled out a mobile health app in 2010. The app offered patients a way to receive their lab results, store and share medical and health information, setup medication reminders and more.

The MyQuest Patient Portal was built off that existing platform to create a simple to use, easy to access patient-centric patient portal.

The MyQuest Patient Portal is a secure website where a patient has a single login to access their information from all of their doctors using the Quest Diagnostics Quanum EHR solution. Unlike a traditional Patient Portal, doctors do not have to setup their own portal website. Doctors who use the Quanum EHR solution can start communicating with their patients from day one using the messaging features integrated into the EHR solution.

Here is an overview of the patient portal differences:

MyQuest Patient Portal by Care360


By making the portal simple for everyone to use, Quest Diagnostics has seen adoption of the portal skyrocket since its launch. In addition to being used as a Patient Portal, it is also the primary venue for Quest Diagnostics to share lab results with patients who request results as part of the amendment to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) regulations giving patients (or their representatives) direct access to the patient’s laboratory test reports. Quest Diagnostics is a pioneer in developing innovative diagnostic tests and advanced healthcare information technology solutions that help improve patient care.

To learn more about Quest Diagnostics and MyQuest Patient Portal, visit this page on our website: MyQuest patient portal, or call 888-835-3409.


MyQuest: A different kind of patient portal

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