Navigating Change: Considerations When Replacing Your EHR

Switch EHR ProviderAre you considering replacing your current EHR, but need help navigating the waters? Quest Diagnostics recently sponsored an EHR Replacement Guide containing helpful information and  insight from industry insiders and subject matter experts. The guide is intended to help healthcare organizations and providers understand potential areas of concern when replacing their EHR, and provides guidance on points to consider before – and during – the switch.

EHR Replacement Guide Highlights:

  • Replacing your EHR in light of Stage 2 Meaningful Use
  • What characteristics make up a successful EHR data migration
  • Five ways to avoid repeating mistakes during EHR replacement
  • Achieving ROI after EHR replacement
  • Effective tips and useful information including a convenient checklist to help prepare you for EHR replacement

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Replace or Switch EHR Providers – EHR Replacement Guide

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