Should I stay independent, or join the hospital?

Quanum EHR Interoperability

Today’s healthcare market is experiencing great change as the industry shifts from a payment model that reimburses for the volume of services provided to a value-based environment that rewards for quality of care and cost savings. With the increasing focus … Continue reading

Paper patient records are costing you. 12 reasons to switch.

For many of you, paper patient records are still your go-to. Your tried and true. We understand. But paper alone is no longer a viable way to run a successful practice. Here are some of the ways it’s costing you … Continue reading

Managing a tsunami of digital healthcare data

Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions

The amount of digital healthcare data coming into organizations is growing at an exponential rate, according to a recent survey of healthcare professionals, sponsored by Quest Diagnostics. Many healthcare organizations are left trying to manage what often amounts to a … Continue reading

Transform data into actionable insights across your healthcare enterprise content

Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions

Have you heard? In 2018, ChartMaxx joined the Quanum™ Solutions portfolio from Quest Diagnostics, and is now known as Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions. This is a new name for our award-winning technology. Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions has a fresh look … Continue reading