Phoenix practice improves collections with QuanumRCM

Case Study: Dr. Laura Schroeder

Dr Schroeder Quanum Case Study

Yvette Mayo is a registered nurse and practice administrator for Dr. Laura Schroeder at North Phoenix Infectious Disease in Phoenix, Arizona. The practice has three physicians, including Dr. Viki Ianas and Michael Gehman, DO. The doctors see 12 to 16 patients per day, and 80% of those are Medicare or Medicaid patients.

In 2016 the practice wanted to improve its billing and collections.

“Our ability to collect what we were owed was very low,” said Mayo. “And the money we were spending to collect on our accounts was very high. We needed to make improvements.”

Dr. Schroeder’s office was already using Quanum Electronic Health Record (EHR) from Quest Diagnostics. In 2012 the practice successfully switched from paper to electronic charts using this technology.

Dr. Schroeder’s office added Quanum Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) in 2016. The service provides a team of US-based medical billing experts that assist with everything from billing claims to denial management, with a focus on improving collections and revenue. The solution includes the practice management (PM) and EHR components.

Quanum Testimonial

Since implementation, Quanum technology has enhanced the practice’s day-to-day operation.

“We’ve compared last year’s revenue to this year’s, and our ability to collect copays and other monies owed has increased each month since we added RCM,” said Mayo. “Additionally, RCM has reduced billing errors and has helped reduce denials.”

RCM can help prevent denials before they occur, or track where they are coming from and the reason why something was denied. The service has the ability to follow up with denials in a timely manner, checking for the right codes or other errors.

Most payments are handled electronically, and the practice gets a clear picture of performance through the PM’s customized dashboard, which highlights key indicators like payments.

Dr. Schroeder’s team has improved other efficiencies behind the scenes. The office has enjoyed the automated appointment confirmations that are part of Quanum PM. Office staff spends less time calling patients about upcoming appointments and is also working to reduce no-shows. Thanks to the software, it has been able to conveniently implement a small fee for patients who don’t come to their appointments.

“We are hoping that the fee, combined with the automated appointment confirmations, will eventually reduce these incidents of no-shows,” said Mayo.

When it comes to the EHR, Mayo says the doctors find it easy to document the patient visit by utilizing the Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan (SOAP) note format. “The doctors simply fill in the information from the top to bottom of the page and are able to capture what is needed for that encounter,” said Mayo.

And when other providers request a copy of a patient’s record, it is easy to send it through a secure Internet connection.

In addition to the ease of use, the practice really appreciates the mobility. There are several staff members who use iPads to access the EHR, and many of the doctors enjoy the ability to connect to it from home; adding notes to a chart or reviewing a patient’s lab results.

Another advantage of Quanum solutions is that lab results from Sonora Quest Laboratories automatically drop into a patient’s chart. This is one of the reasons that the practice originally chose Quanum EHR. Accessing these results is quick and easy.

“Everything is simple to use,” said Mayo. “Each time a new employee joins our staff it’s so easy to show them how to use this technology.”

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