Practice management software: Find the best fit for your practice

When a medical practice decides to implement electronic health records (EHRs) into their practice, there can be some apprehension and nervousness among office staff.  One of the main concerns is the learning curve associated with implementation, and understanding how the EHR will impact practice systems used for scheduling and billing.  Quest Diagnostics offers options to physician offices, allowing them to use their existing system or implement the Quanum Practice Management module.

For offices interested in using their existing system, Quanum EHR can be integrated to support current workflow. Customers can send patient demographics and scheduling information to Quanum EHR, and then use the Superbill to print or transmit charges to the biller.

If your office is looking for a new practice management, scheduling or medical billing system, Quest offers an integrated solution to streamline your current workflow. This web-based program delivers integrated solutions encompassing everything from healthcare billing and  insurance claims, to patient records, scheduling and more.

Quest recently added advanced claim scrubbing technology to its Practice Management solution. All claims are checked for errors prior to submission, so billers can quickly correct and submit clean claims the first time. This helps the practice get paid faster by avoiding claim processing delays that might otherwise slow or prevent payment from insurance companies.

In addition to confirming that there are no missing components and verifying the data is being submitted in the correct format, the Practice Management module also audits for coding validity of diagnosis, procedure, procedure modifier and revenue code.

To save time and increase productivity, contact us about Practice Management options today.

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