Discover a 3-step process for practice growth

Practice Growth White Paper

The healthcare market is evolving rapidly and few are impacted more by these changes than small- to medium-sized physician practices. Remaining current with regulations, policies, and procedures mandated by government, insurance, and pharmaceutical entities, are only a fraction of the issues that they encounter in their journey toward improving patient care and overall practice growth.

Despite numerous pressures, practices that are committed to their growth, with a willingness to adopt new operational efficiencies and technological innovations are well positioned for success. In our latest white paper, “Scaling your profits, not your workforce,” Quest Diagnostics provides a systematic process for you to develop a practice growth plan. We detail key considerations and best practices across three key operational and functional areas of every physician’s office, including

  1. Current business operations: A guide for recognizing and identifying current efficiencies in how your business is run. If profits are currently slipping through the cracks due to operational performance, then these losses will only expand as you seek to grow. To maximize your growth, we provide you with a list of the most significant operational elements to review and consider.
  2. Technologies and automation: An overview of several highly-impactful technologies and services that enable you to cost-effectively boost productivity by automating tedious tasks. Quest Diagnostics understands that your business is healthcare, so we review a variety of effective solutions to help you get back to focusing on patient care.
  3. Overhead expenditures: An analysis of average overhead costs for U.S. practices that includes a calculation for comparing your approximate overhead expenses against benchmark data. In addition, considerations and recommendations are provided based on the results of the calculation to help you better manage costs.

By researching and implementing the procedures covered, you can make changes that may help grow your practice and maximize financial income.

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