Quanum RCM helps MA practice improve billing

improve billingLinda McDonald is office manager at Dr. Harry M. Mayer’s office in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Dr. Mayer practices family medicine and has been in business for 37 years. Linda has worked with the doctor for the past 12 years. They have 5 total employees, and see 6 to 15 patients per day. About 50% of those are Medicare patients. In addition to running a busy practice, Dr. Mayer is also the director at Madonna Manor skilled nursing center in North Attleboro.

In 2007, Dr. Mayer, a long-time Quest Diagnostics labs user, was approached by his laboratory representative about the electronic health record (EHR) offered by Quest. The practice had been using paper charts and was ready to transition to an EHR.

By November 2016, the office was looking to replace its billing service. The staff wasn’t happy with communication from the company it had been using. Oftentimes, claims would be written off after several denials, and the team wouldn’t find out about this until after 90 days, when it was too late to resubmit the claims. This was costing the practice thousands of dollars.

The team was searching for a billing solution that would connect all areas of the practice. What it had been using did not sync with the EHR; so that meant staff was using 2 different programs, 2 different logins, and everyone had 2 screens on their desks.

The Quanum EHR appealed to Dr. Mayer. Since he was already utilizing Quanum eLabs from Quest Diagnostics, information from patients who had done lab work with Quest would automatically transfer to the EHR, meaning the practice did not have to create new files for those patients, saving significant time and expense.

“One of the selling points for Dr. Mayer was that our laboratory reports would load automatically into the EHR,” said Linda. “We do 90% of our blood draws in house, and we liked the fact that the results would quickly sync with our EHR.”

When it came to billing, Quanum Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) offers a complete solution that spans from billing claims to denial management, and all billing-related activities and support in between. It would easily sync with the Quanum EHR.

The RCM package also includes Quanum Practice Management (PM) to simplify tasks such as scheduling and appointment reminders. With PM, information flows easily between the EHR, PM and RCM, ensuring real-time access to patient information, and connecting Dr. Mayer’s front and back office.

When it comes to the cloud-based EHR, Dr. Mayer enjoys the mobility of the solution and being able to use a tablet to capture patient information. This flexibility allows him to write prescriptions and check patient labs. The team is happy with the EHR after using it for over a decade.

Perhaps the most recent improvements to practice workflow have been seen with Quanum RCM and PM.

improve billing

The team is using the power of all three solutions to reduce denials before they even occur, by pre-determining eligibility and practicing time-of-service collections. Staff at the front desk verify patient eligibility with the insurance company the day before the appointment, and then scan the patient’s insurance card and ID when they check in. If there’s an issue with ineligibility, they ask the patient to call the insurance company right then, have them pay their copay or deposit up front, or turn them away.

Recently, the practice began using the automated appointment reminders that are part of the Quanum PM. Patients are notified of their appointment via phone call or text message.

“This frees up a lot of our time that used to be spent calling patients,” said Linda. “It has also reduced incidents of no-shows, and that is something we really appreciate.”

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