Survey says: Physicians want EHR mobility

EHR mobility

Today’s world is mobile. From the boardroom to the classroom – we demand flexibility in how we work, and we expect access to information while on the go. It’s no different in healthcare. Doctors want the ability to connect to an electronic health record (EHR) from home, the hospital, or other practice locations. It means having 24/7 access to patient charts to make treatment decisions, handle emergencies, consult with other physicians, or manage electronic prescriptions from anywhere.

A 2016 technology survey from Physicians Practice supports this. The survey showed that 78% of physicians access and use mobile-enabled EHRs. And a 2018 KLAS Research survey cited EHR mobility as one of the top clinical capabilities they want from smartphones.

So why aren’t more physicians going mobile? Not all EHRs have the capability. So if you are choosing a new EHR or a replacement EHR, make sure you look for one that allows you to experience secure mobile access to critical clinical information outside of your office. EHRs with a cloud-based platform, along with iPhone® and iPad applications, can untether physicians from a physical location. At home, at a coffee shop, or in response to an emergency call, physicians and other clinicians can securely access and act on patient information from virtually anywhere. This kind of portability is also appreciated in the office, when going from patient to patient, and room to room.

If you choose an EHR with a mobile app, look for features that give you the ability to:

  1. Document a full patient encounter
  2. Add items to a patient’s medical history
  3. View and enter key pregnancy data
  4. Add a patient photo
  5. Order, receive and view lab results
  6. Write prescriptions (ePrescribe) and respond to renewal requests
  7. Review medication history
  8. Be alerted to interactions and contradictions
  9. Create and view tasks for your staff
  10. View your patient schedule with integrated practice management


Free up your day by going mobile. To watch a short demonstration of the Quanum™ EHR mobile app, click here. For more information, call a Quest Diagnostics representative at 1.888.491.7900.


Survey says: Physicians want EHR mobility — 2 Comments

  1. I would like the iPhone app to be more capable, maybe include dictation. For now, I use my laptop and connect to the internet using the HotSpot feature of my iPhone. A lot of data, but very mobile.

    • We will share your comments with our product development team – thank you for reaching out!

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