5 ways an enterprise document management system helps drive better healthcare

Benefits of Enterprise Document Management

Healthcare organizations want to provide improved care, the best possible patient experience, and more for the healthcare dollar. Want to take all 3 to the next level? An enterprise-wide document management system is more than an electronic filing cabinet: it’s … Continue reading

Why now is the time to invest in an enterprise document management system

Enterprise Document Management

A recent study from Quest Diagnostics revealed that 87% of healthcare professionals report digital content at their organizations has increased in the past 3 years. In fact, some of these healthcare professionals refer to their data stores as a “black … Continue reading

Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions: An IT Solution for hospitals and health systems

ChartMaxx Document Management and Imaging

In addition to Quanum Practice Solutions (EHR/PM/RCM), Quest Diagnostics offers Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions (formerly ChartMaxx), a Document Management and Imaging (DMI) solution created specifically for hospitals and medical systems. Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions has been named the ‘Best in … Continue reading