Managing a tsunami of digital healthcare data

Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions

The amount of digital healthcare data coming into organizations is growing at an exponential rate, according to a recent survey of healthcare professionals, sponsored by Quest Diagnostics. Many healthcare organizations are left trying to manage what often amounts to a … Continue reading

Transform data into actionable insights across your healthcare enterprise content

Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions

Have you heard? In 2018, ChartMaxx joined the Quanum™ Solutions portfolio from Quest Diagnostics, and is now known as Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions. This is a new name for our award-winning technology. Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions has a fresh look … Continue reading

Choosing an enterprise content management vendor? What to consider.

An enterprise content management (ECM) system can help hospitals and health systems go beyond simply storing data to making it possible to truly realize the potential that is inherent in these data. The right solution can be used strategically to … Continue reading

Evaluating your document management system? You’ll want these 5 features

Document Management System

For most healthcare organizations, success comes with a document management system (DMS) that doesn’t just store data, but leverages it for the greater good. Going one step further, an enterprise content management solution can be used strategically to access data … Continue reading