Boston-area doctor goes “all in” with Quanum EHR

Integrated EHR

Care360 Case Study: Dr. Stuart Schneller

For 40 years, Dr. Stuart Schneller’s private practice in Brighton, Massachusetts specialized in rheumatology. He employed three staff members and saw 8 to14 patients per day. ..

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Get your denials under control

Mark Anderson Webinar

Improve your bottom line by reducing claim denials As the percentage of rejected and denied claims increases, more physicians are electing to improve their denial management process.  Recent studies have shown that more than 80% of denials can be eliminated … Continue reading

Practice management software: Find the best fit for your practice

When a medical practice decides to implement electronic health records (EHRs) into their practice, there can be some apprehension and nervousness among office staff.  One of the main concerns is the learning curve associated with implementation, and understanding how the … Continue reading

Integrated Practice Management

Scheduling Appointments

In addition to electronic health records (EHR), Quest Diagnostics offers an integrated Practice Management (PM) solution.  Even though it was introduced in the summer of 2011, many people aren’t aware that we have a PM module. It allows you to … Continue reading