The benefits of cloud-based EHR

Cloud-based electronic health records (EHR). It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard before, and you may be wondering, “What exactly is a cloud-based EHR, and what are its benefits?

Cloud-based platforms offer applications that are maintained remotely. A cloud-based EHR is a system for collecting, tracking and editing patient health information using a remote server that is maintained by a service provider. This reduces the burden on a physician office; because the “computing” is done off-site, there is no IT staff, server, data redundancy or back-up that needs to be maintained by the practice.

Switching from traditional record-keeping systems to an EHR that lives in the cloud can seem like a big change, but it’s a change that comes with many benefits. Cloud-based platforms are secure, efficient and cost effective.


Patient information stored and managed using cloud-based EHR is subject to the same privacy regulations as traditional health records and, in many ways, is more secure. Using a system like Quanum EHR means you no longer have to store confidential patient information in your practice. Instead, you can rely on the vendor’s expertise to protect that data on their centralized server. A quality vendor will have their server warehoused in a hardened facility that, unlike a physician practice, is designed to be protected against weather, fires and similar disasters.

In addition to helping you securely store records, electronic health records  allow you to more easily control who has access to sensitive information. You can monitor who sees what information and securely transfer records to the people who are authorized to see them. 


A cloud-based EHR allows you to access your charts from any computer, tablet or smartphone that is connected to the Internet. Gone are the days when healthcare providers are tied to their offices and piles of charts. Instead, they can use a web-based system to access, review and edit charts at home, on-the-go or by a patient’s side.

Quanum EHR offers native iPad and iPhone apps that make for an even better user experience. These apps allow you to access a wide variety of features using an easy-to-navigate user interface. You can view incoming lab results and patient medication history, write prescriptions and add notes to patient files, all from your iPad or iPhone.

Cost effective

Unlike traditional practice management software, cloud-based EHR solutions do not require you to invest in and maintain costly hardware. As long as you have a quality high-speed internet connection, you will have access to all of the system’s features. And, because most web-based EHR vendors offer monthly or yearly subscriptions to use their platforms, you can pay as you use their product, rather than dealing with a large upfront cost.

Quest Diagnostics’ team of information technology specialists ensure that, as compliance and standards change, you don’t have to worry about updating your EHR. Leaving this responsibility in the “cloud” saves your practice time and money.

Transitioning from traditional recordkeeping systems to cloud-based EHR can be intimidating, but once you’ve made that transition, there are countless benefits that help you save time and money, in addition to better serving your patients.

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