Top 5 benefits of Electronic Health Records for small practices

A Blog from Chief Technology Officer Tom Wagner, healthcare IT at Quest Diagnostics

While electronic health records (EHRs) are beneficial to many different types of practices, today I’d like to focus on the specific benefits that an EHR yields for small practices.

1. Adopting cloud-based EHRs is a simple process
I was recently reading this article from EHR Intelligence about why small practices should choose cloud-based EHRs, and a few of its key points really resonated with me because of the benefits that Quest Diagnostics affords its small practice customers. The author mentions the fear that many small practices have about EHR adoption disrupting office workflow, which could lead to lost revenue. With Quanum EHR, our support team addresses those fears by working closely with you to ensure that implementation is as smooth and quick as possible. As the article mentions, if a small practice has a computer, browser or high speed Internet connection, they can access a cloud.

2. Using Quanum EHR doesn’t require an IT department
Given the availability of the Quest Diagnostics support team, and that our EHR doesn’t require complex or additional technology to operate, it’s an ideal solution for a practice that doesn’t have the resources to devote to installation or management. As long as a small practice charges specific individuals with handling data management, billing and serving as the liaison between Quest and their practice, our EHR will be up and running in no time. Plus, our relationship with HP offers practices an affordable solution to purchasing and installing network services and hardware.

3. The onus of maintenance rests with us
The EHR Intelligence article also mentions that maintaining and upgrading a cloud system is the vendor’s job, and we at Quest couldn’t agree more. Our support team is available 24/7 to help with product issues and questions. Should an emergency arise, a support staff analyst will respond to your inquiry quickly. We expect (and welcome) our customers to rely on our expertise and familiarity with our EHR system, and we want small practices to come to us for assistance as often as they need it. We also proactively reach out to offer advice, tips and upgrades, as we want all of our customers to find success with our EHR.

4. You can go mobile…and then get out of town
Quanum EHR is the first major health information technology service to develop a native iPhone® application. We then took the next step and introduced an iPad app, which offers providers the opportunity to document encounters using the iPad rather than always carrying around a laptop. This makes continuum of care a reality, regardless of the physician’s location. At Quest, we believe that technology should be a conduit for better and improved patient engagement. Through our mobile applications, physicians won’t miss a beat or a chance to connect with their patients when they’re out of the office, as the app enables them to review labs, take care of prescriptions and provide notes and directions to staff.

5. Interoperability with other EHRs
Our team is specifically pleased with the interoperability of Quanum EHR, which proves invaluable to patients when they’re traveling or seeing a specialist—their medical records and histories can easily be transferred to other Direct-enabled EHR solutions or via fax. The information in our EHR contributes to clinical decision-making, which means that the treating physician will have a patient’s entire medical record at their fingertips before they make a decision about their care.

With so many benefits to be found in using an EHR, we hope your small practice will allow us to assist you in making the switch to a cloud-based solution.

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