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Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions Webinar

Have you heard? In 2018, ChartMaxx joined the Quanum™ Solutions portfolio from Quest Diagnostics, and is now known as Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions. This is a new name for our award-winning technology.

Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions has a fresh look and feel, but this release is about more than just a fresh look. New functionality enables healthcare organizations to achieve enterprise-wide document management, to seamlessly capture, store, integrate, and automate your healthcare enterprise data.

Watch our webinar “What you can expect from the new Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions” as Vicki Joyce of Quest Diagnostics discusses:

  • What organizations will gain with the latest release of Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions
  • A technical overview of the new release, including the new features, such as Deep Search and Intelligent Data Capture
  • Why now is the time to upgrade

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