The forecast calls for cloud-based EHRs

Care360 Cloud-based EHR

These days everyone refers to the cloud. It’s used to house your music, your photos, and your banking data. By now you know it’s not some theoretical storage system in the sky. As Gizmodo describes it, it is a physical infrastructure that uses a network of servers to store and process information, rather than a single machine.

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Workflow simplified: MA practice adopts Quanum EHR

Efficient EHR

Care360 Case Study: Dr. Arthur Bregoli

Mary Parsons is the office manager at Dr. Arthur Bregoli’s office in Braintree, Massachusetts. Dr. Bregoli has been practicing internal medicine in the Boston area for over 20 years…

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Webinar Series Part 1: 7 Steps to Choosing an EHR

Quanum EHR

Quest Diagnostics presents a new webinar mini-series: Choose Wisely, Implement Well for Electronic Health Record (EHR) Success and Satisfaction Part I. 7 Steps to Choosing an EHR Whether it’s your first EHR or you’re switching from a system that you’ve … Continue reading