Turn your unstructured content into actionable data with Intelligent Data Capture

Did you know that, according to Gartner, 80% of an organization’s total information assets that exist today are unstructured?

Digital content is growing at an alarming rate, including in healthcare. Organizations receive documents from a variety of sources—copier, scanner, email attachment, or fax—that need to be ingested, filed, routed, and stored.

A new feature from Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions, called Intelligent Data Capture (IDC), automates the process of managing content. It allows hospital departments to automatically receive documents, analyze them, and send them to their final destination, while reducing the many manual tasks involved in this process. IDC captures and analyzes content with machine learning, extracts pertinent data, and sends the document to the correct chart or folder in the application or other system, often without user intervention.

Learn how the IDC feature and other solutions from Quest Diagnostics can help your organization achieve its goals, including handling additional document volume with no added staff. Watch the video, “Intelligent Data Capture.”

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