New president, new healthcare policies. What to expect in 2017.

Donald Trump Healthcare

Prior to the inauguration, Quest Diagnostics facilitated the Care360 webinar “President-elect Trump and healthcare: what you need to know,” hosted by Mark Anderson, CEO of AC Group and healthcare IT futurist. Anderson spoke on the state of the healthcare industry in the wake of the election of President Trump. He said that while Trump is just taking office, is appointing his cabinet, and hasn’t fully revealed his plans for healthcare, there are a few things that we can be sure of for our industry:

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Webinar Series Part 2: 5 Tips for an Optimal EHR Transition

Integrated EHR

Quest Diagnostics presents a new webinar mini-series: Choosing Wisely, Implementing Well for Electronic Health Record (EHR) Success and Satisfaction Part 2:  5 Tips for an Optimal EHR Transition Choosing a new EHR is challenging – but it’s only half the … Continue reading

Best Practices in Managing the Relationship with Your Medical Billing Service

Care360 RCM EHR Medical Billing Services

You’ve set up your revenue cycle management relationship. Billing health plans and patients is now off your plate. But are you sure you’re getting the best results you can from outsourcing? Today’s revenue cycle environment is very complex and demanding. … Continue reading

Guest Post by Laurie Morgan: Position Yourself for Success With a New Billing Service

Laurie Morgan

We are excited to present this article from Laurie Morgan, consultant/partner at Capko & Morgan. Medical billing has become increasingly complex and expensive to manage inside a practice.  For small and even mid-sized practices, outsourcing has become significantly more appealing.  … Continue reading