The Quanum Enterprise Content Solutions Deep Search offering provides a search utility to unlock your structured and unstructured content. Integrate data silos to unlock your information, accelerate insight discovery, and increase effectiveness of finding the right information at the right time.

Deep Search

Do you have data and documents in current or legacy systems that make it challenging to find, maintain, or release? With your legacy data in Enterprise Content Solutions, you have a centralized historical record that can be searched and discovered by the right users, at the right time.

Do you struggle to find the appropriate records for research projects, records that are missing critical indicators for proper coding or the legal record, or even just records that you want to see based on contextual keywords to research a compliance issue?

What about non-clinical records? Looking for a specific invoice but only know the dollar amount?

Deep Search is the solution

The core capabilities of Deep Search include:

  • Data Enrichment
  • Advanced Enterprise Search
  • Knowledge Discovery

Data Enrichment

  • Enrichment of data with other relevant indicators to enhance search results
  • Multiple data formats supported
  • Native view of files and other related files based on search criteria

Advanced Enterprise Search

  • Conceptual search unconstrained by keywords
  • Integration of data silos to empower robust searching
  • Personalization and knowledge management

Knowledge Discovery

  • Accelerate insight discovery to uncover trends, patterns, and relationships
  • Eliminate detailed report requests and hand off risks
  • Get holistic intelligence and reduce blind spots

Want to see Deep Search? View a quick demonstration.

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