Quanum Practice ManagementYour office, simplified.

Optimize billing and scheduling with integrated solutions designed to complement your office workflow.

Quanum Practice Management (PM) helps you save time and enjoy greater convenience by simplifying all of the essential daily tasks of your medical office.

Information flows seamlessly between Quanum PM and your electronic health record (EHR) to ensure real-time access to critical patient information.

Practice Management 

Web-based practice management software from Quest Diagnostics, helps you save time and enjoy greater convenience by simplifying all of the essential daily tasks of your medical office.

Dashboard—Improve productivity with a clear picture of your practice performance. From here, shortcuts provide one-click access to everything that needs your attention. By keeping you and your staff focused on the metrics and tasks that drive our success, you can improve productivity and save time.

Customizable Reports—Stay up-to-date on practice activities with a variety of reports including reports on procedures that haven’t posted to billing, outstanding payments and payment denials

Patient Account Records—Experience fast, easy access to patient information such as patient demographics, insurance policies, financial history, scanned insurance cards and more

Insurance Eligibility—Increase collections and reduce errors by automatically checking and verifying insurance eligibility

Appointment Scheduling

Managing the flow of patients through your practice can help you to increase revenue and improve patient satisfaction. We help you maximize your most valuable resource—the physician’s time.

Key benefits include:

  • Schedule customization
  • Implementation of scheduling rules
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly calendars
  • Appointment email, phone, and text reminders

Medical Billing

Web-based medical billing software from Quest Diagnostics can help you get paid faster and improve your productivity by automating and streamlining your entire billing and collections process. Information seamlessly flows from the PM to your billing system.

Key benefits include:

  • Simplified insurance claims processing
  • Resolution of rejections and denials
  • Streamlined payment posting
  • Effective collections management

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Quanum Practice Management

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